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This page provides links to a variety of archived information. It is listed alphabetically to make it easier to locate information.


Ebola & Respiratory EV-D68 Information: In 2014 ANA\C provided extraordinary amount of information to its members with links to various documents and web site. We have archived them here for you. Visit this link.


ANA Information:

ANA Leadership Institute Opens July 30th:
ANA & Capella University have started the process of developing a 5 part webinar series on leadership that will meet the needs of emerging, developing and advanced leaders. Starting this fall a cohort process will be piloted and ANA along with state leaders will test a model that can be used more broadly. They are seeking participants for the webinars and for cohort facilitators. Additional information is listed here for your consideration. You can also visit for additional information.



ANA Fighting For Nurses Who Speak Up for Patients:
It was in the national news-2 nurses were on trial for reporting substandard and unsafe practices. The ANA and The Texas Nurses Association (TNA) stepped up and created a legal defense fund and a national publicity campaign. Charges were dropped for one defendant and the other nurse was found not guilt after a 4-day trial. Following this outcome, the accusers faced their own criminal indictments and ultimately justice prevailed. Watch a great video that provides and overview of this story.

ANCC Provides Answers to FAQ's:
The Consensus Model which is important to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses now has a document with answers to the most frequently asked questions. You may download this document.


Award: 2011
Tricia Hunter




Tricia Hunter: Elizabeth Curtis Award




Bill Folders: Beginning in 2012 we will archive information found on the bill folder page on an annual basisl.

2011-2012 Bill Cycle

California Board of Registered Nursing

2008-2009 Annual School Report

Fingerprinting Information

Effective October 2008 all nurses practicing in California will need to be fingerprinted. The BRN documents explain the process. Please visit for more information.

NCSBN Accreditation versus Board Approval:
A report from the NCSBN Nursing Education Committee about the approval process vs. the accreditation process and the challenges to boards of nursing. NCSBN is asking important questions like "Why are BONs involved in the approval process?" In 2010 this committee began to look at this issue and present data to Member Boards. This is their report.

California Medical Board

Report from Advisory Board for Supervision of Affiliated Health Care Professionals

Allied Committee Report on Licensure

California Staffing Ratios

Research Article on Ratios published by Health Services Research.

California Study Offers New Perspective on Relationship Between Staffing Ratios and Patient Safety.

Facts and Controversies about Nurse Staffing Policy: A Look at Existing Models, Enforcement Issues, and Research Needs


California Workforce Issues

New Issue Brief On Nurse Licensure Portability: Changes in traditional nurse practice necessitates examination of options for licensure portability. RNs with a valid license in one state may seek license in another state by the endorsement process. READ MORE!


California Institute For Nursing & Health Care: CINHC has released their most recent Report Card. The 2010 California Report Card of RN jobs per capita provides an excellent comparison of the RN workforce in different areas of California, as well as comparing CA with other states. The survey is based on metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) or primary MSAs (PMSA) and was first conducted in 2005 utilizing data from 2004. Analysis of the RN workforce at the regional level supports development and implementation of regional policy and strategies to address nursing workforce issues. Although CA RN job ratio per capital increased by 22 RN jobs in the six years between 2004 and 2010, CA's ranking relative to the rest of the county did not change. Read the report.

Article on Medication Errors In Home Health: Modern Healthcare has published an article entitled, "Medication help could curb readmissions: study." Download the article.

Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC): In 2000 NCBSN launched a new initiative to expand the mobility of nurses as part of our nation's health care delivery system. The NLC allows nurses to have one multistate license, with the ability to practice in both their home state and other party states. To date 24 states have signed onto the NLC. If you are in a state that has agreed to the compact you will have the ability to practice across state lines; state boards reach new levels of cooperation, and patients enjoy access to safe nursing care. Read the Fact Sheet. For more information visit

ANA Report Now Available: "Unleashing the Potential of California APRNs: A View from ANA." Note: you will need power point software to open this document.

State of Nursing in California. A report from a meeting Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health. A summary is provided.

California Nurses Facts & Figures 2010

Forecast of RN Workforce requirements for the State released

Ensuring an Adequate Health Workforce Improving State Nursing Programs

The Nursing Faculty Shortage: Public and Private Partnerships Address a Growing Need

Nurse Staffing in Hospitals: Is There A Case for Quality



CMS Publishes 2013 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS)/Long Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System (PPS) Final Rule:
The report is over 2000 pages and select this link to see the final rule. ANA has provided an Executive Summary offering some key points and additional resources.

CMS Releases Final Rule on Hospital Conditions of Participation:
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its Final Rule on Reform of Hospital and Critical Access Hospital Conditions of Participation. Reformed provisions of the rule include expansion of the term "medial staff" to include practitioners such as APRNs and PAs, options for hospitals to implement programs for patient self-administration of some medications, and support for the use of team-based and collaborative care of patients. It also references the IOM report and touches on the report's themes. Read a summary of the provisions. The final rule can be found here


Evidence-Based Practice

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Develops Evidence Based Library:
AHRQ and its Effective Health Care Program has developed a library of chronic disease-related materials. Given the prevalence of chronic diseases, nurse and patients need to know the treatment options that are available. Some of the chronic diseases available are Caner; Heart & Blood Vessel Conditions; Diabetes and Muscle-Bone-Joint Conditions. You can access this library at


Great Things About Nurses/Nursing

Florence Nightingale: The Mother of All Hospital Administrators: To close 2011 Nurses Week here is an article published in Hospitals & Health Networks by Joe Tye. Enjoy and remember what an amazing woman Florence was.


Health Policy/Healthcare Reform

Health Policy Tutorials Available Now: The Kaiser Family Foundation is offering several tutorials on health policy.
U. S. Congress and Health Policy provided by Sheila Burke
Health Care Reform An Overview by Jennifer Tolbert
Issue Module: Role of the States in Health Policy


H1N1 Information

Flu Facts

How To Take Care of Someone With The Flu

Stop The Flu

What Is The Flu and How To Stop It

Nasal Spray Information

Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers in the Workplace Against Novel H1N1 Influenza A

Letter from State Public Health Officer Dr. Mark B. Horton

Update as of 12.21.09


Legislative Information

Tools To Educate State Legislators: Imagine the World Without Nurses and Solutions to Advance Healthcare in your State are now available. These powerful tools can be used to educate your legislators in your area.


Social Media

NCSBN White Paper: A Nurses Guide to the Use of Social Media:
This White Paper to Boards of Nursing provides an Introduction about the use of social media; it addresses the issues of Confidentiality and Privacy; Consequences of inappropriate use; and Common Myths and Misunderstanding of Social Media. Several scenarios are provided for learning more about this important communication tool. Read this White Paper.

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