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2012-2013 Year:

Governor's Budget Proposal: Review highlights of the Governor's proposed budget. This budget will have triggers dependent on passing a tax increase in November. What are triggers? Read about how they affect budget spending and cuts.


Proposed Physician Availability Regulatory Hearing: October 26, 2012
These regulations were drafted and approved at the last Committee on Supervisory Responsibilities meeting on 7.19.12 and was approved by the Full Board the next day 7.20.12 to go forward to be set for the regulatory hearing. The next board meeting will be in San Diego. It is the same language that was approved at the last Committee meeting. For more information here are some links:



Initial Statement of Reasons:

Proposed Regulations Physician Availability Cosmetic Laser Use:
Proposed regulations relating to the availability of a licensed physician when lasers or intense pulse light devices are used to perform elective cosmetic procedures are under consideration. Read the Proposed Regulations. Read Minutes of the Medical Board of CA April 11, 2012 meeting where this was discussed. Executive Director Hunter encourages you to read the minutes related to nurse anesthetists. There was discussion about midwives and this will be a point of discussion at future meetings. The proposed regulations for non physician's using laser are going to be discussed at the October 25/26 Board meeting and a recommendation is supposed to be made to the Medical Board.

Medical Board of California:
At the July 9, 2012 meeting the topic of accrediting ambulatory surgery. The current law prohibits physicians from performing some outpatient surgeries, unless it it performed in an accredited or licensed setting. Read the Report.

Bills by Number & Bill Folders By Date:

As of August 31st the legislative session is closed. The Governor has 30 days to sign, veto or let the bills just go through.


SB 1524: Was Signed by Governor: The measure removes the six-month delay for newly-licensed nurse practitioners (and certified nurse midwives) to provide medication to their patients, and will take effect January 1, 2013.

SB 393: This bill was vetoed. Governor said in his message to the CA Academy of Family Physicians "I commend the author for typing to improve the delivery of health care by encouraging the greater use of "patient-centered medical homes." While this concept is not new, it is still evolving. For this reason, I think more work is needed before we codify the definition contained in this bill."

AB 2561: Certified Surgical Technologist Bill was vetoed by the Governor on 9.23.12. In a letter to the State Assembly the Governor stated that he did not agree with the "need to establish 'title' protection for certified surgical technologists in law. For those who have taken the time to become certified, let the marketplace reward their higher skills and education. Recognition by the state is not needed."

9.25.12 Interim Report: This report lists bills that have been signed or vetoed by the Governor.

September Status Report to Governor: The bills in this report have been "enrolled" which means they are on the way to the Governor or are already with the Governor.

AB 2348 Campaign to get Governor to sign the bill. Scroll down for more details.

Bill Folder 9.2.12 Status Report

Bills Sent to Governor on 8.30.12

SB 623 (Kehoe) Passed the Senate 22:16. Moves to Governor for signature.

SB 1528 was defeated 16:41.

Bill AB 1867: Health Facilities Equipment Standards: Relates to provisions of existing law prohibiting certain health facilities from using an intravenous or enteral connection that would fit into a connection port other than the type for which it was intended, unless an emergency or urgent situation exists. Revises the prohibitions to instead refer to epidural, intravenous, and enteral connectors.

Bill SB 1246 Fines for Staffing Ratios: This bill is supported by UNAC and opposed by CNA.

This bill will strengthen the existing nurse-to-patient ratios in California Hospitals by requiring the Department of Public Health (DPH) to check for compliance during regular, periodic inspections and by putting into effect existing statutory fine authority for DPH by removing the requirement that DPH issue regulations. SB 1246 also codifies existing regulations relating to patient classification systems, allowing DPH to fine hospitals that have not established or utilized a patient classification system in their staffing. These systems have been a requirement long before nurse staffing ratios became law but lacked an enforcement component.

If you would like to support this bill please send and email to the Governor through an advocacy campaign. Letters have already been created for you.

RN letter:


General Public:

Bill Folder 8.28.12 Status Report:

Bill Folder 8.15.12 Status Report:

Bills SB 951 and SB 961:
These two bills were heard in the Senate Health Committee has been passed out of the committee. They are major components of the ACA. The analysis of these two bill are available here.


Bill SB 393: (ED Hernandez) Hospice Bill
ANA\C is supporting this bill and had worked to retain the language of having an RN onsite.
Read Hospice Staffing Criteria
Read Hospice Analysis


Bill Folder 7.3.12: Status Report
The dispensing bill was up on Monday and it got through committee.


SB 623: This bill was passed out of committee on a partisan vote.


SB 623 Amended: The bill will extend the pilot project.


6.20.12 Update: Two letters were written on and testified for have moved on. AJR 24, asking the Federal Government to include having a school nurse as part of the health care reform was signed by the Governor and will be sent to Congress. SB 122 is the bill that has all the BRN requirements removed the the Sunset Bill, passed out of Higher Education Committee unanimously yesterday. The bill requires the BRN to meet in the north and south, sets fees for feasibility studies, and makes the board the only approval required for a nursing program.


Bill folder 6.2.12 Status Report

Bill Folder June 2012 Status Report


Coordinator Care Initiative Trailer Bill Language and Fact Sheet:
This is a major project for changing health care for seniors on Medicare/MediCal. It is a demonstration for 8 counties. Review information documents.

Coordinated Care Initiative Trailer Bill Language May 22, 2012 Proposed Revisions to RN 12 08898.

Department of Health Care Services Proposed Trailer Bill Language 809 Coordinated Care Initiative May Revision Update FACT SHEET.


AB 2348 promotion image


AB 2348 (Mitchell): Increase access to birth control in California has passed the Assembly. As of 5.31.12, the votes were still being counted. Supporter of AB 2348 will enjoy seeing the Supporters Joint Floor Alert.

Sign the petition set up specifically to allow nurses to show their support. This is design to generate nurse support only. Note if you sign the petition you will end up on the PP mailing list-that is how petitions work. Please spread the word.

For Facebook please send messages on Sept 6 & 7; then again on Sept 10-12; again on Sept 19-21. Get FB directions.

For Twitter please send messages on Sept 6 & 7; then again on Sept 10-12; again on Sept 19-21. Get Twitter directions.

Coalition Partner Resource: Emails to the Governor: Get directions.



Bill Folder May 30, 2012 Status Report
Two military bills are on the way to the Senate. Senator Hernandez staffing ratio bill, sponsored by UNAC and opposed by CNA passed onto the Assembly.


Bill Folder August 10, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 25, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 22, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 17, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 15, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 8, 2012 Status Report

Bill folder May 1, 2012 Status Report

NP/CMN bill SB 1524 passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee to the floor without a hearing.

Bill Folder April 25, 2012 Status Report


Legislation That Need Attention:

SB 1524 Hernandez is the NP and CNWM bill that changes criteria for supervised clinical. It passed on consent calendar week of April 18.

AB 2348 Mitchell is a bill that allows RNs to dispense medications in a Family Clinic after a prescription has been written.

SB 1338 and AB 2348 are opposed by CNA on the grounds that they are not supporting any bill that expands the role of the RN. WE need your help in contacting the Senate Business & Professions Committee to support SB 1338 and Assembly Business and Professions Committee to support AB 2348.

AB 2561 Hernandez is a bill that licenses Surgical Technologists that gives them a scope of practice and states they are responsible for the environment in the operating room. We are opposed. Please notify the members of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee.

You can contact the individuals by visiting the Senate & Business & Professions web site or the Assembly Business and Professions web site.

Bill Folder: April 10, 2012

SB 98 Board of Registered Nursing Sunset Bill:

This was sent to the Governor's office for signature on February 2, 2012. Nurses rallied and contacted legislators encouraging them to vote YES on this bill. The vote was 55 ayes, 13 no's and 12 not voting. The Republican's were concerned about the process and many of them did not vote or voted no. The only Democrats that did not vote for the bill was Hayashi and Lara. Hayashi had procedures issues with the bill. Why Lara didn't vote is not known. Calderon, Galiani, Gorell and Valadao were excused absences. The bill was transmitted immediately to the Senate and then referred to the Senate Budge Committee. Executive Director of ANA\C testified on behalf of ANA\C and nurses throughout the state. The Republican's had procedural concerns. Ms. Hunter spoke to a number of them privately after the hearing. One of them added on the floor as an Aye vote. Anderson and only four members voted no: Berryhill, Blakeslee, Gaines and Walters. All the rest of the Republicans were non voting. No one spoke up against the bill on the Senate Floor which was a major victory. Please send a thank you to the members who voted for the bill. This was a major victory.

SB-810 (D-Leno): This bill was passed by the Appropriations Committee and moves to the Senate Floor for a vote.
This bill would establish the State Healthcare System by creating a State Healthcare Agency. It makes all residents eligible for specified health care benefits under the System, which would, on a single-payer basis, negotiate for or set fees for health care services provided through the system and pay claims for those services. It creates the Healthcare Policy Board. Please read SB-810


Bill Folder 1.19.12 Status Report: The bills listed in this report were passed during this week. SB 122 has been put on suspense. Any bill with expense, even if it is licensing money, goes on suspense. ANA\C is sure this bill will not have a problem. The CNA bill that would have put more stringent requirements on orientation is not being moved by the author.

SB 122 (Price): Nursing (Deals with BRN Sunset Issue)

This bill is the language that was in the Sunset Bill for the BRN that was "new" language. The Governor wants sunset bills to be up and down bills with no new policy. The bill includes a fee for feasibility studies and self studies which would help speed up the process. The language was heard in the Senate Business and Professions yesterday and was passed out. The bill also had accreditation, as defined by the Federal Department of Education, in the bill but this was removed with objections from CNA. They want regional, which the committee has told them has legal problems. The accreditation language would allow the board not to approve programs that cannot grant a degree. There are schools that have partnered with other schools to grant the degree. ANA\C spoke in support of this bill. Read SB 122.

DHCS Regular Session Trailer Bills:
The following are the Department's facts sheets for proposals.

Healthy Families Program/Extend AB 1422
Special Needs Trust Recovery
California Discount Prescription Drug Program
Change in Physician Administered Drug Program
Extend 10% Reduction to Private Hospitals
Suspend County COLA for FY 2010-11
Increase Federalization of State Programs

Here is a link to the DHCS Trailer Bill language.


For additional information about any bill current in the legislative process visit

Other Legislative Information

Legislative Tool Kit

How to set up district meetings
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Tips on sending emails, letters, and making visits
Tips of visiting legislators offices
How a bill becomes a law

Duties of the Governor

How a bill becomes law: A nice graphic demonstrates this process.




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