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ANA\C advocates for the profession of registered nursing, holds various events throughout the year, collaborates with various nursing associations, and offers opportunities for RNs to develop leadership and become colleagues with fellow nurses to improve healthcare. We help our patients when we join together to do the work of nursing. We are all strong! Through your membership you are empowered and you empower ANA\C.  Join together with nurses across California from a variety of settings and specialties. Together we can make an impact! Together we can shape the future of healthcare.


The application process is easy. To join ANA\C go to

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ANA\C is your professional nursing organization. We have much to offer you and your membership committee has provided information to make your membership experience more meaningful. We do want to hear from you about what your needs are so please contact us at any time. Select one of the links below for more in depth information.




Association Activities

  • RN Day At the Capitol
    • RN Day at the Capitol is held in April and focuses on helping nurses and student nurses to understand the process and importance of how legislation can affect our practice. As the most trusted profession, we have a responsibility to educate our clients. The safety of our clients is our primary concern. We can be advocates for our clients not only at the bedside, but throughout California by advocating to legislators to partner with nurses on issues of legislation that affects nursing and those we care for. For more information visit RN Day at the Capitol page.

  • General Assembly
    • General Assembly is an annual meeting for ANA\C members. This meeting helps determine the positions and priorities of the organization. As we continue to grow as an organization the involvement and voice of our membership is vital to our success. To learn when the next GA is scheduled, visit our General Assembly page.

California Action Coalition

We all know that major changes will be coming to healthcare in the near future. The California Action Coalition is working with all levels of nursing to find solutions and methods to help the healthcare profession as a whole prepare for the increase in clients after healthcare changes take effect. As the Action Coalition invites nurses to become involved, ANA\C is among other nursing associations including the California Nursing Students Association is working to bring all perspectives together to find a solution to the issue of healthcare changes in California. This is one of many examples of how ANA\C is actively involved in leading healthcare in California. To learn more visit our page devoted to this information-CA Action Coalition.


California Legislative Updates

Be sure to read about important nursing issues in the next issue of The Nursing Voice. If you did not get a chance to read the latest issue you can read it online. Important updates to legislation can also be found on the ANA\C Bill Folder page. To receive the most current information on California legislation, become a member of ANA\C and join the Legislative Committee.


Become Involved in ANA\C Committees

ANA\C has 4 committees that serve its members. We invite you to become a member of at least one of these committees. The work load is manageable and often done over the phone and via email. To learn more about what committee you would like to get involved with read a brief overview of each committee.


Current ANA\C Members

We want your input! This information is designed to meet your needs. Contact Phillip Baustista if you have any questions or feedback.

Health Care Reform

For decades, the American Nurses Association and ANA\C have been advocating for health care reforms that would guarantee access to high-quality health care for all. With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), millions of people have greater protection against losing or being denied health insurance coverage, and better access to primary and preventive services. ANA recognizes the debate of health care is not over, and remains committed to educating the nursing public about how the changing system impacts our lives and our profession.  For more information on how ANA is working on your behalf visit For what happens in California the ANA\C web site will keep you informed on the Bill Folder page.

To learn more about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) visit


Impacting Change

Many nurses are not aware of the serious pieces of legislation that affect our practice as a registered nurse in California. On a daily basis, dozens of bills are in various stages of passage in the legislature that have direct and indirect effects on our practice, profession, and even our license. ANA\C is the only organization that will defend and lobby to improve the profession of nursing without regard to the specialty of the RN.

ALL nurses are represented by ANA\C at the Legislature, and ANA\C works daily to ensure that RNs continue to be empowered to provide safe, competent, and quality care to the consumers of California. Your membership in ANA\C empowers us to represent you and all registered nurses in these vital areas concerning registered nurses.


Improve Your Leadership Abilities

ANA\C is putting together some new information on how to become a more effective leader. Stay tuned!



New Grad Benefits

Recently graduated? Join the ANA\C pledge email list to receive regular reminders to join and lock in the discounted full national and state membership dues available within 6 months of graduation.

Some of the benefits of joining as a New Graduate are:

  • Working with nurse leaders across California to impact change and advocate for the future of nursing.

  • Being part of shaping the future of health care by becoming involved in ANA\C activities, committees, and leadership positions.

  • Networking with other nurses from a variety of health care settings.

  • Accessing the latest practice evidence and ANA activities available to “Members Only” at

If you are a current nursing student and wish to get involved in the California Nursing Students’ Association, visit their website at:


Social Media

Join us on Facebook.

ANA Principles of Social Media

  1. Nurses must not transmit or place online individually identifiable patient information.
  2. Nurses must observe ethically prescribed professional patient-nurse boundaries.
  3. Nurses should understand that patients, colleagues, institutions and employers may view postings.
  4. Nurses should take advantage of privacy settings and seek to separate personal and professional information online.
  5. Nurses should bring content that could harm a patient’s privacy, rights, or welfare to the attention of the proper authorities.
  6. Nurses should participate in developing institutional policies governing online conduct.

Six Tips to Avoid Problems

  1. Remember that standards of professionalism are the same online as in any other circumstance.
  2. Do not share or post information or photos gained through the nurse-patient relationship.
  3. Maintain professional boundaries in the use of electronic media. Online contact with patients blurs this boundary.
  4. Do not make disparaging remarks about patients, employers, or co-workers, even if they are not identified.
  5. Do not take photos or videos of patients on personal devices, including cell phones.
  6. Promptly report a breach of confidentiality or privacy.


Membership Assembly

At the House of Delegates, which was held on June 15 & 16 2012, it was voted to streamline the governance of the association. Here are the key points approved guiding the new organizational structure.

  • Retire the House of Delegates, Congress on Nursing Practice & Economics, and the Constituent Assembly and replace them with a Membership Assembly and Professional Issues Panels.
  • Create ad hoc Professional Issues Panels comprised of volunteer nurse subject matter experts.
  • Move to a smaller Board of Directors
  • Update ANA's language to better reflect the purposes and functions of the national association.

To learn more about each of these structure points Read the Press Release.

This is an exciting time to be a member of ANA and a part of an Individual Member Division (IMD) like ANA\C. As we get more information about how this structure will impact ANA\C and what the new opportunities are for your participation we will post them here.

Join today and experience all the exciting changes going on in our profession.


Membership Benefits from ANA

As registered nurses we all need continuing education units to remain actively licensed. Many free and discounted continuing education modules are available from ANA as well as discounts to some conferences. For a full list of membership benefits, visit the link Join today!

Also available are the 2012 ANA Bylaws.