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November 24, 2014 Report:

Covered California Update
Covered California - Ten days ago, Covered California embarked on a statewide bus tour to ring in the start of open enrollment and to make sure our message of affordable, accessible health care coverage reached every corner of the state.
Covered California - Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced that 69,245 consumers submitted applications for health coverage, including Medi-Cal, during the first four days of the 2015 open-enrollment period.
San Francisco Business Times - Covered California, which enrolled 1.2 million on its Obamacare exchange during its first open enrollment period, says 11,357 people signed up for a private health plan during the first four days this time around. Nearly 36,000 were determined to be eligible for private coverage between Nov. 15 and Nov. 18.

San Jose Mercury News - Two major health insurers selling policies on the Covered California insurance exchange violated state law over the last year when they listed names of doctors in online directories who were not part of their networks.

The Los Angeles Times - After searching for months to find an attorney who would take their case, House Republicans made good on their threat to sue the Obama administration Friday, filing a lawsuit challenging the president's authority to enact key parts of the Affordable Care Act.
The New York Times - MANY political analysts were surprised by how close I came to winning the Virginia Senate race earlier this month. I received more than a million votes running on a five-point plan for economic growth, and the first point was a specific proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.
The Huffington Post - Considering going without health insurance next year? Be careful -- it could cost more than you think.
The California Society of Health-System Pharmacists offers free accredited continuing education for pharmacy, nursing and behavioral science professionals.


June 24, 2014: Request to Take Survey
Nurses provide an important point of view in decision-making from the boardroom to our
communities. The California Action Coalition is working to prepare more nurses to help lead
improvements in health system quality, safety, access, and value. We are also engaged in
efforts to ensure more nurses, who represent the largest and most trusted segment of frontline
workers, are appointed to public and private boards.

One of the top recommendations in the 2010 Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing report is to
have more nurses in positions of influence. Nurses provide a valuable perspective that balances
the business of health care with clinical and patient outcomes. A recent Gallup Poll conducted
by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that an overwhelming majority of opinion
leaders felt nurses should have more influence on health systems and services. Appointing
nurses to governing boards assures an important, valuable and often underrepresented voice
essential to realize the vision of a reformed health system.

Please take the time to complete this short 10 question survey (click on link below) to help us
assess how the California Action Coalition can help prepare nurses to serve and where you
might currently be serving on management teams, in boardrooms, and within our communities.
Your input will assist us in identifying opportunities to bring nursing’s unique perspective to
decision making tables in California.


Mary Foley, RN, PhD
Mary Dickow, MPA
Co-Lead Statewide Director


Update from the California Action Coalition-May 2014

Update from the California Action Coalition-January 2014

Happy New Year! The California Action Coalition (CA AC) is looking forward to all the excitement and hard work that 2014 is sure to bring as we continue to advance the Future of Nursing Report recommendations in our state.

Advisory Committee Update:

The last 2013 Advisory Committee meeting took place in San Diego, CA in early December. At that meeting Committee Members had the opportunity to work with Pat Farmer, Center to Champion Nursing in America consultant, who provided the CA AC with the national overview and progress to date. Her presentation was followed by a conversation that prompted discussion around alignment of our statewide efforts with the Campaign’s agenda, better definition of metrics and strategies to reenergize the work here in California. We also discussed the focus of the grant objectives for the funding that was received in September 2013 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The CA AC used this opportunity in San Diego to host a joint event with our Advisory Committee and the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care (CINHC) Advisory Committee members. The event included a meeting focused on ways to strengthen partnerships and recognize the overlap in our collective work and a networking reception. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss goals, sustainability efforts and the need for more centralized resources in the coming year. Our goal is to hold additional joint meetings in 2014 to further our complimentary work and improve the health of all Californians.

CA Action Coalition Focus for 2014:
The following is based on the reporting structure of the national campaign (Education, Practice and Leadership).

EDUCATION: Replicate the Advancing Progression in Nursing Education (APIN) Model
The APIN project to develop and implement a seamless model for ADN to BSN nursing education at CSU Los Angeles with seven community colleges, resulting in a BSN degree for selected students one year after ADN program completion continues to be highly successful. The project team recently pulled together a report for the National Program Office (NPO) to highlight accomplishments and lessons learned to inform next steps for the second cohort. We are excited to report that two new community colleges will be added to allow a total of 80 students in the next cohort. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has announced a second round of APIN funding with requests for proposals due in February 2014. The NPO is facilitating a meeting January 21-22 in Washington, DC for the nine APIN project states to encourage broad sharing of work and to discuss RFP preparation. The APIN project work will be highlighted in a poster presentation at the Association for California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) meeting in February. The CA AC plans to build on the APIN project success and the California Collaborative Model for Nursing Education (CCMNE) to scale up our ability to increase the number and diversity of Baccalaureate prepared nurses in the state.

PRACTICE: Work to Remove Scope of Practice Barriers in CA
We continue to look for opportunities to address scope of practice in CA. In November 2013 we held our second in person meeting with the APRN Coalition. The Coalition is made up of the four Advanced Practice Nursing groups (CNP, CNM, CRNA and CNS) along with the CA AC Workgroup #1 co-leads, ANA-C and the BRN. The group is committed to working together to strengthen our position around scope of practice issues, any upcoming legislation and representing APRN’s with one voice. Members of the APRN Coalition attended the recent BRN Practice Committee meeting to lend public comment to discussions around the need for regulatory modernization in relation to the National Council of States Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Consensus Model. A Nursing Education Consultant (NEC) team led by Janette Wackerly at the BRN did an extensive review of the NCSBN and other states that have implemented regulatory change successfully. The NEC stated that this process that will evolve over time and they will continue to seek public comment. We are pleased to report that AARP-CA wrote a letter articulating the need for regulatory revision and to encourage the BRN in the process.

LEADERSHIP: Facilitate Appointment of RN’s on Boards/Influential Decision Making Bodies
In November 2013 the Campaign held a Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA. Members of the CA AC Advisory Committee attended and had the opportunity to work with a number of other Action Coalitions. Over the two-day meeting AC’s were instructed to create statewide leadership game plans with a focus of getting nurses on boards. The Campaign had originally asked AC’s to consider placement of nurses on hospital and health systems boards but participants agreed that it was important to consider other influential boards and decision making bodies as well. The Campaign has offered technical assistance and is creating a tool kit that AC’s can use to move this work forward in their states.

The CA AC game plan is currently being refined and will inform the leadership workgroups and Advisory Committee next steps. 

Another important aspect of the CA AC leadership objectives is the on-line mentorship tool. The mentorship tool housed on the ACNL website has had two successful rounds (May and September) with mentor/mentee pairings and mentees working on leadership projects at their home base. We are fortunate to have continued support from ACNL and Kaiser Permanente for a second year of the mentorship program and the opportunity to design a board mentor track. 

Website: If you haven’t visited the CA AC website lately please check it out ( The site has been updated with new photos, content and current news. It looks great and there are more improvements on the way! In addition, we are now placing meeting and conference announcements under the events tab. If you would like to submit news or conference dates please email me at

Recommendation Work Group & Regional Updates: As we move into 2014 we will be posting periodic updates and stories from our workgroup co-leads and regional champions on the CA AC website. Be sure to visit the website often to stay on top of the news and see the highlights.

Other News:  The CA AC is working closely with CINHC on the dissemination of the Nurse Role Exploration Project white paper. There have been a number of presentations to date and more to come in 2014. The paper has been enthusiastically received at both the statewide and national level. It provides information on the new roles for nurses in a reformed health system. We look forward to working with CINHC to identify next steps and implementation efforts. A copy of the paper can be found at:

In Closing:  November 2013 marked the 3rd anniversary of the Future of Nursing Campaign (see the web cast and articles on our website) and there was a lot to celebrate across the 51 Action Coalitions. Many volunteers have provided countless hours to ensure this Campaign has continued to be successful. On behalf of the Advisory Committee I would like to say thank you for your time, energy and contributions to the great work that took place in California in 2013. We look forward to continued implementation of the recommendations and the need to coordinate and connect our efforts. We have said this before but it bears repeating – this is a time of unprecedented change with the Future of Nursing Report, the Affordable Care Act, over 407,000 RN’s and a group of dedicated partners to improve the health and well being of all Californians! 

Mary Dickow – for the CA Action Coalition

Mary Dickow
Statewide Director
California Action Coalition
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The 8 recommendations from the IOM Study are:

  • Remove Scope of Practice Barriers
  • Expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts
  • Implement nurse residency program
  • Increase the proportion of nurses with a BS degree to 80% by 2020
  • Double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020
  • Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning
  • Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health
  • Build an infrastructure for the collection and analysis of inter professional health-care workforce data

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