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Dear Max,

Tricia Hunter informed me that you are interested in learning more about the work ANA\C has been doing to support AB 2400 that would allow the community college nursing programs to develop pilot nursing programs leading to the baccalaureate degree.


  1. Beginning in 1998,  17 state Legislatures have changed the community college (CC) charter to include the option to offer baccalaureate degrees.  Because of the need for more baccalaureate prepared nurses,  several CC nursing programs now offer  the baccalaureate degree in nursing. 


  1. In 2000,  the Association of Community College Baccalaureate Education was formed and the association has held annual conferences to discuss the research data on the success of the CC baccalaureate programs.  The states offer from 7 -39 baccalaureate degrees at the CC system.


  1. California has a 100,000 RN shortage and the hospitals prefer to hire BSN nurses.  The CC RNs are having a very difficult time finding jobs today.  The hospitals administrators believe that a BSN prepared nurse is needed to care for the medically complex patients.  The recent research studies bear this out with fewer medication errors, better health teaching,  better management of patients and their families, and better home preparations for the return of the patients


  1. All community health positions for nurses require the baccalaureate preparation: home health, community health, public health, long term care, skilled nursing facilities, and school nursing.  The health care reform law has a focus on preventive health care with an increase need for nurses to work in the community.  More RNs will be employed in the community, with a smaller number employed in hospitals.  Currently, 40% of RNs work in the community and 60% work in hospitals.


  1. The Board of Registered Nursing enforces a 100 unit nursing curriculum in all pre-licensure nursing programs.   The CC nursing programs must implement 100 unit nursing curriculum along with a number of GE units for the Associate Degree in Nursing.  The nursing transcripts in the CC system have an excess of 100 units before the graduate nurses can sit for the state nursing exam and to graduate from the CC system.  The UC and CSU BSN degree is 120 units.  The CC nursing graduates is lacking only 20 units for the BSN degree.  It appears more cost effective to the taxpayer and to the nursing students if the CC nursing students could stay 2 semesters longer to earn the BSN degree. 


  1. The CC nursing students have requested the option to complete  the BSN while they are still in the CC nursing program.  It will save them time, travel, money, and family sacrifice to complete the BSN at the same time.


  1. The CC nursing faculty are qualified to teach the upper division courses.  The CC nursing faculty want to offer the BSN degree.  All of the faculty have masterís degrees and several have PHD degrees.


  1. There are 82 CC nursing programs graduating over 7,000 RN/year.  The CSU only has 18 nursing programs graduating over 2,000 BSN/Yr.  It is much easier to use the CC nursing faculty and the CC campuses than to overwhelm the CSU nursing faculty and campuses with undergraduate students who only need to take 20 units. 


  1. The minority nursing students choose CC nursing programs because they are less expensive.  California has over 125 ethnic groups who speak only their native language.  The minority nursing students want to work within their communities after graduation.  It is reasonable to keep baccalaureate education affordable for minority students and offer a BSN program in their own communities where they will work after graduation.


I would like to continue the conversation with you and provide you the data and references.

Thank you,

Louise Timmer, EdD, MSN, RN

Professor of Nursing

CSU, Sacramento