ANA\C Policy Page-Reports on Diastat Administration



2014: May 27th ANA Press Release Nurses Must Have A Chance for Input on School Decisions Affecting Nursing Responsibilities, California Court Rules. Read the press release.


Read Senate Bill SB161


Diastat Heaing to be held September 13. Print the agenda.


The Public Comment period is closed.
At the The September Board meeting they will change regulations based on testimony or they will accept them as is. Then they will be sent back to OAL for sanction and then they become law.
ly 13, 2012: 15-day Notice of Modifications to Text of Proposed Regulations Regarding Administration of Epilepsy Medication. To learn more read the notice from the California Department of Education.


October 20, 2011: The Orange County Register interview ANA\C Executive Director, Tricia Hunter about the recent passing of SB 161. You may read the article at


October 7, 2011: SB 161 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.


September 2, 2011: Call for Activism Get SB 161 VETOED Now and By October 9th. Dowload Template Letter to Send to Governor Brown.

SB 161 has passed through the Legislature and is now waiting for Jerry Brown's signature. He can VETO this bill and we need to get message to him ASAP. Governor Brown can sign the bill anytime and the latest signing date is October 9th. Please, Please get involved and communicate with the Governor's office that this bill must NOT BE SIGNED. This bill has been opposed by many reputable groups-ANA, CA Teachers Association; California School Nurses Association, California Service Employees and many others. Nurses have been vocal about this but few have put these vocalizations into written form and email; fax or letter. Please protect school children who deal with Epilepsy. They have the right to be treated by a licensed professional if the need arises. There is a great summation of opposition by John Burton and this can be found at

Fax and phone information for Governor Brown is 916-445-281 (916) 558-3160 Fax. To write mail to his attention at State Capitol Suite #1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. He can also be reached at this facebook page at On Twitter @jerryBrownGov or @govjbrown. His web site is To email the Governor go to his web site and click on the Contact Us link. Download template of oppose letter.

His field offices are located at 300 S. Spring St. Suite 16701, LA, CA 90013 Phone 213-897-0322 Fax is 213-897-0319. San Francisco Office is 455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 14000, San Francisco, CA 94120, Phone 415-703-2218; Fax 415-703-2803. His Washington DC office is 444 N. Capitol St. NW, Hall of States 134, Washington D.C. 20001. Phone: 202-624-5270; Fax 202-624-5280.

This entire page contains the history of attempts to defeat SB 161. Learn or refresh your memory.

August 31, 2011: The final Assembly floor vote was 46-21. There were twelve abstentions. Gorrell was absent. Thanks to everyone who worked to defeat this bill we gave it our best.


August 18, 2011: The bill was placed in suspense and will be either held or let out to the floor on August 24 or 25.


July 7, 2011: SB 161 passed out of the Assembly Education Committee and is moving to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. ANA\C is urgently asking that every nurse contact your Assemblyperson by phone, fax, email, or letter telling them to VOTE NO on this bill which would authorize unlicensed person to "volunteer" to give Diastat in schools. As list of the members of the Assembly Education Committee is available to print. We have also provided a template of a letter that you can use. This often makes it easier to participate in this important legislative process.


June 29, 2011: SB 161 passed out of the Assembly B&P committee and will be heard next week by the Assembly Education Committee. Again we are asking for all ANA\C members and other nurses to write to your Assemblyperson explaining why they should vote NO on this bill. A list of Assembly Education Committee member is provided for you.


June 28, 2011: This bill will be heard in committee and ANA\C is asking for all nurses willing to testify arrive at Room 447. Get key contact information.


Sacramento Bee Article: Dan Morain: A labor lobbyist decides to be a father first. This is a story about an lobbyist who is a father who has a daughter who had a grand mal seizure. Read the story.


Hearing on March 16, 2011 Regarding Diastat Being Administered by Non-licensed Personnel:
On March 16 SB 161 (Huff) will come up in committee. It is critical that letters be sent and testimony be given at this meeting. If you can attend, please let the ANA\C office know. If you can't attend please write letters. Specific information along with historical information can be found on the special page for Diastat issues.


Senate Bill SB 161 (Huff) Emergency Medical Assistance: Epilepsy

  • March 16 bill come to Senate Education Committee
  • Need nurses to give testimony
  • Need nurses to write letters to the committee members
    We have attached a document entitled Coalition Letter To Legislature. Use this as an example letter. Please write to each member of the Senate Education Committee-today.

A Guide to the Individualized Educational Program
This guide was developed by the U.S. Department of Education, with the assistance of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY). All with this is included a Summary of Major Special Education Timelines.

Quick Guide: The General Educator & Section 504 Issues: This document explains 504's and provides and analysis of SB 161.

Senate Bill 1051: Administration of Diastat


  • Effective May 27, 2010 SB 1051 was defeated in Appropriations

  • SB 1051: ANA\C is in opposition to the bill that introduces non-licensed personnel to care for hypoglycemia, seizures, etc. in the absence of a licensed provider. Read the bill.

  • May 5, 2010 Barton Hearing Room, SB 1051 will be heard again. The bill was up for vote only in the Senate Health Committee. Senators Leno Negrete Mc Leod and Pavly all voted NO. With the Republican's voting aye and Senator Romero and Alquist they had the votes to get it our of committee. It now goes to Judiciary. I don't know if we can kill it there. We are really putting our lobbying efforts into the Assembly. They continue to say that the BRN changed their policy and that is why this is a crisis. That up until the memo from the BN nurses had been allowed to train volunteers. This has been a hard message to change.

  • Urgent Request to Help Stop Legislation: SB 1051 is being considered by the Senate Health Committee and if this bill passes it will allow unlicensed personnel to administer Diastat and it will change our Nurse Practice Act. Please read the information by the BRN's attorney and a sample letter.