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Legislative bill AB 890 will create a new health care provider allowing anesthesia assistants to provide anesthesia.
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We Need Support for BRN Sunrise bill SB 466. Learn More.

Congratulation to Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage on their re-designation of Magnet Recognition

May 6-15 National Nurses' Week
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  • UCLA Announces Alumni of the Year?Bonnie Faherty and her husband
    Our very own Bonnie Faherty has received this recognition. She is an alum of UCLA School of Nursing who exemplifies the excellence associated with the School of Nursing, she has made outstanding achievements in her nursing professional career, and she is a powerful advocate for nurses, and a loyal donor to the SON.

  • ANA Seeks Comments by April 30:
    ANA's Workplace Violence and Incivility Professional Issues Panel is requesting public comment on the Draft Position Statement: Incivility, Bullying and Workplace Violence. The comment period is open until 5 pm ET on April 30. Access the public comment page from here.

  • What is the CA BRN Diversion Program?

    The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)  has the primary responsibility of licensing and regulating registered nurses in California. The BRN's responsibilities come from the Nursing Practice Act, which is composed of California statutes that give the BRN, among other functions, the authority to manage a Diversion Program for registered nurses.

    The Diversion Program is a voluntary, confidential program for registered nurses whose practice may be impaired due to Substance Abuse Disorder and/or mental illness.

    Print the brochure and share with your nurse colleagues.

  • Mary Wakefield Appointed as Acting Deputy Secretary of US Department of Health & Human Service.
    Mary Wakefield, RN and a member of ANA is currently serving as the administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration. Congratulations Mary.

  • ANA Developed & NQF Endorsed 4 Safety Measures:
    The 4 safety measures are Staffing, Skill Mix, Falls with Injury, and Falls. These were voted on by the NQF MAP Coordinating Committee and these will be presented to the NQF Safety Measurers Steering Committee in April 2015 along with the NQF review for the 3-year maintenance re endorsement required at that time.
    Also ANA is finalizing the CAUTI (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection) Prevention Tool. This provides an evidence-based tool for nurses. For more information visit the ANA CAUTI web site and the CDC Prevention Guidelines link.

  • ANA Declares 2015 the Year of Ethics:
    The Year of Ethics theme acknowledges the critical responsibility all nurses have to uphold the highest level of quality and ethical standards in their practice to ensure the delivery of superior health care to patients and society. To learn more visit www.nursingworld.org

  • Public Ranks Nurses Most Ethical, Honest Profession 13th year straight: Visit https://www.facebook.com/AmericanNursesAssociation
    to see the badge created.

  • Updated Brochures from ANA:
    ANA is offering two brochures. One is entitled Imagine A Nation without Nurses and the other is IOM Recommendation for Change in Nurse Workforce.

  • Ebola Information:
    This information has been archived for your easy retrieval.

  • Tips for Using Social Media:
    ANA has provided guidelines for using social media. We all need to review this now and to make sure we are managing this powerful communication tool properly. To view the Guidelines go to http://www.nursingworld.org