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Learn about ANA\C membership, the qualifications, rights, and responsibilities of membership, payment of dues. Join ANA\C today.

Membership Definition:

Individual members of ANA\C shall be registered nurses. Other memberships shall be in accordance with qualifications as set forth in the bylaws. Membership shall be unrestricted by an other consideration. Print the membership brochure.


  • Individual member: An individual member is one who has been granted a license to practice as a registered nurse in at least one State, territory, or possession of the U.S. and does not have a license under suspension or revocation in any state, or has completed a nursing program qualifying the individual to take the registered nurse licensure examination with confirmation of licensure within six months.

Rights:the member shall have the right to

  • Receive an ANA\C membership card, The American Nurse, and The Nursing Voice.

  • Have access to members only section of the ANA web site which offers information about ANA,

    • Core issues affecting the profession and ANA's strategic process,
    • Policy and practice highlights,
    • Government affairs involvement both at the federal and state levels,
    • How to access ANA publications,
    • How to access the nursing resource directory,
    • How to direct access to CINAH,
    • How to get exclusive news feeds
    • How to access online CE modules, and
    • Discounts and privileges.
    • Note: You must be a member of ANA to access these benefits.

  • Vote and be a candidate for ANA\C and ANA elective or appointed positions in accordance with qualifications set forth in the ANA\C and ANA bylaws.

  • Participate in the election of ANA delegates

  • Attend ANA\C General Assembly and ANA House of Delegates, conventions, and other unrestricted activities.

  • Affiliate with ANA councils in accordance with the ANA bylaws.

  • Submit proposals for consideration by ANA\C General Assembly.

  • Attend the Congress of International Council of Nurses.

  • Be accorded other rights as provided for under common parliamentary or statutory law and congruent with ANA\C purpose.

Responsibilities: the member shall have the responsibility to

  • Uphold the bylaws of the ANA\C and the bylaws of ANA,

  • Abide by the Code of Ethics for Nurses as adopted by the ANA Hours of Delegates,
  • Pay dues as required by the ANA\C,

  • Fulfill the requirement of an office or committee if elected or appointed, and

  • Comport oneself in an ethical and professional manner.

Dues: As of January 1, 2014 ANA\C Dues Will Increase

  • Employed full or part-time working RNs-Automatic Monthly Payment Plan-$23.42 a month or annual payment of $275.00
  • Newly-licensed graduates, RNs not employed; RNs who are full-time students; or age 62+ and not earning more that Social Security Allows-Automatic Monthly Payment Plan-$11.96 a month or annual payment of $137.50.
  • RNs 62+ years of age and not employed, or totally disabled-Automatic Monthly Payment Plan-$6.23 a month or annual payment of $68.75.
  • Print the application and apply today..

Membership Resources:

  • Registered Nurses A Distinctive Healthcare Profession is a brochure for non-nurses is now available. It gives a great overview of the nursing profession using the most recent survey data. Great for career fairs, high school and middle schools, legislators, press, and non-nursing partners. For more information contact ANA

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