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Report from the CSNA held 10.21.14


Report from the Nation State Boards of Nursing Final Report 9.11.14

Report from the National State Boards of Nursing Simulation Study:
The NCSBN embarked on a study of 10 prelicensure programs across the United States in the Fall of 2011 and completed the study in May of 2013.  The study had three cohorts randomly picked from the 10 prelicensure programs:  the control group was traditional clinical hours with no more than 10% simulation; the 25% group had 25% of their traditional clinical replaced with simulation; and the 50% group had 50% of the clinical replaced by simulation.

A total of 666 students finished the study .  At the end of the nursing program there were no statistical differences in clinical competency as assessed by clinical preceptors and instructors; there were no statistically differences in comprehensive nursing knowledge assessments; and there were no statistically significant differences in NCLEX pass rates.

The study cohort was also followed for the first six months of clinical practice.  There were no significant differences in manager ratings of overall clinical competency and readiness for practice at any of the follow up surveypoints:   6 weeks; 3 months; and 6 months.

The only significant statistical difference in the three groups at the end of the study was there was a greater attrition rate in the 50% group then the 25% or control group.

The study emphasized that the simulation clinical did not reduce the number of clinical staff needed.  They emphasized that the simulation was set up using national standards and using instructors as they would be used at the clinical site.  The study used High Fidelity patient manikins in their curriculum.   For
this study a standardized simulation curriculum was developed and provided to the participating programs.  Subsequent to the development of the standardized simulation curriculum, simulation scenarios depicting the patient conditions and key concepts in the curriculum was obtained from publishers and distributed to the programs. The instructors were expected to use simulation preparation and debriefing just as they did with traditional clinical.

The complete research is published in the July 2014 Supplement to the Journal of Nursing Regulations.  The study is viewed as a significant document in using simulation for clinical as long as the curriculum meets the high standards used in this study. Report provided by Tricia Hunter, Executive Director & Lobbyist for ANA\C.

2014 Scientific Symposium:
Presentation files and videos are now available. There are 14 presentations accessible for public and viewing. They are available at the following web site

Report from 2014 APRN Consensus Model Conference:
President Weisbrich and Executive Director Hunter attended this meeting. The issue of a generalist certification is changing the education of APRNs across the U.S. and is going to be an ongoing issue over the next few years. Presentations and videos from the conference are available at Eight presentations are accessible for public viewing. They are:

The Consensus Model 5 years Later
This Legislative Season: A Report from Regulation
A Report by Education Accreditation
A Report by Certification
A Report by Certification Part 2
A Discussion of Roles and Population
Grand fathering Guidelines

Licensure Jurisdiction for Cross-Border Nursing Practice:

Report from the National Council State Board of Nursing:
This meeting was held in Chicago in April 2014. Read an overview of the meeting.


CMS & APRNs Specific State Data Regarding Direct Billing Medicare Part B:
The attached document provides data on total approved charges, primary incentive payments awarded to NPs and CNSs; bonuses for high quality and electronic prescribing awarded to APRNs in each of the four roles; and also Medicaid incentive payments to NPs and CNMs for electronic health record installation and use.


Reports From the BRN
We will post reports from the BRN board and committee meetings during the year. You can always visit our Calendar page for dates of the meetings and for more detailed information visit

2014 Reports


BRN Report November 2014
BVNPT Report November 2014


October 9, 2014 Reports:

Education and Licensing Committee
Legislative Committee
Diversion & Discipline Committee
Nursing Practice Committee

August 14, 2014 BRN Education Meeting Report & NP Certification Report

April 3, 2014: BRN Meeting Report

March 6, 2014 BRN Education Committee

Comparison of Certified Nurse-Midwives and Licensed Midwives


2013 Reports

November 6, 2013 BRN Meeting

August 8, 2013 Meeting Report from the Education Committee

June 12, 2013 Meeting Report

May 8, 2013 Meeting Report

February 6, 2013 Meeting Report

2011-2012 School Report

Reports from 2011-2012 year have been archived.